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27 July 2010


I just got some film developed that, as it happens, was two years old.  These are some images that I took at the very small summer camp that I ran in Seattle for the eight weeks before I moved to Brussels.

It was a nice discovery.

21 July 2010

"There are three possible directions of choice.  Educators may act so as to perpetuate the present confusion and possibly increase it.  That will be the result of drift, and under present conditions to drift is in the end to make a choice.  Or they may select the newer scientific, technological, and cultural forces that are producing change in the old order; may estimate the direction in which they are moving an their outcome if they are given freer play, and see what can be done to make the schools their ally.  Or, educators may become intelligently conservative and strive to make the schools a force in maintaining the old order intact against the impact of new forces."

John Dewey, Education and Social Change

20 July 2010

Smart Girls at the Party

On this beautiful sumer day in Paris, I have accidentally sat at the kitchen table on the internet for the last two hours instead of going outside.  But I found a fantastic website.project to share: Smart Girls at the Party.

It is a project created by Amy Poehler, Meredith Walker, and Amy Miles.  They have created an online space for girls to learn about what other girls are doing, what their interests are, and have fun.  It is social networking, but it is all based around a show that the creators put together, interviewing smart girls who have all different strengths and passions.  As they say, "extrodinary girls who are changing the world by being themselves." And its super funny.

I know I'm not an eleven-year-old, but I think its great.

I'll go outside now.

17 July 2010


Mo Willems, who understands four-year-old humor like no one else on the planet, throws a fantastic dinner party.  He and his family have chalkboard walls in their dining room, and they cover the table with butcher paper during meals.  This way, the room is constantly transforming and reflecting the people in the space.

Enjoy words and images from Mo Willems on his blog, and see more dining room transformations here.

16 July 2010

Urban Orchard

I love this transformed space in London, created as part of the London Festival of Architecture.  It kind of breaks my heart to know that it is temporary.  It is an interactive, educational place for all ages.  I imagine this working beautifully as part of an urban school campus.

15 July 2010

A few random things

With all of my relaxing and taking time for myself and wandering around Paris, I have been pretty absent from this space.  And to be honest, I think I'll keep it like that for a few weeks.  My mind will start racing as soon as I open the door to my classroom again.

But I do have to mention that I finally got to meet another fantastic person because of this blog.  Jolayne writes Urban Preschool, which was a big inspiration for me when I started this blog.  I even emailed her to ask for advice at the start.  We had lunch and took a long walk, talking about Early Childhood Education and much much more.  I'm happy to know her in real life now!

And I realized that I have been writing this blog for three years two years (I got a little ahead of myself yesterday).  That's (still!) a long time!  It's exciting for me to actually follow through with something rather than just getting really excited and then abandoning it when it gets difficult or challenging.  We would want our students to persevere, so we should too.  Maybe I'll think of a way to celebrate three two years of perseverence!

I hope everyone out there is having a beautiful, relaxing, delicious summer.

07 July 2010

The American Journal of Play

The American Journal of Play is a publication dedicated to promoting play of all types.  A combination of science, research, interviews, and book reviews, it is published four times a year and shares the latest information about why play matters.  We all know that, but its nice to know there is work completely based around it.

“Sometimes I Pounce on Twigs Because I’m a Meat Eater” looks especially good to me - the importance of active, outdoor play.

And if you're in Rochester, New York...the Strong National Museum of Play.
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