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15 July 2010

A few random things

With all of my relaxing and taking time for myself and wandering around Paris, I have been pretty absent from this space.  And to be honest, I think I'll keep it like that for a few weeks.  My mind will start racing as soon as I open the door to my classroom again.

But I do have to mention that I finally got to meet another fantastic person because of this blog.  Jolayne writes Urban Preschool, which was a big inspiration for me when I started this blog.  I even emailed her to ask for advice at the start.  We had lunch and took a long walk, talking about Early Childhood Education and much much more.  I'm happy to know her in real life now!

And I realized that I have been writing this blog for three years two years (I got a little ahead of myself yesterday).  That's (still!) a long time!  It's exciting for me to actually follow through with something rather than just getting really excited and then abandoning it when it gets difficult or challenging.  We would want our students to persevere, so we should too.  Maybe I'll think of a way to celebrate three two years of perseverence!

I hope everyone out there is having a beautiful, relaxing, delicious summer.


  1. i am inspired by your blog..and hope that you keep it up too...three years is a long time..i hope i make it that long...

  2. happy blogiversary :^)


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