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09 April 2010

East Coast Preschools

This may be a strange post, but I am looking for some schools to visit.  It is so exciting to be in the states, where I can drop into schools and classrooms and talk to other teachers - my lack of fluency in French makes for awkward, choppy conversations in Brussels.

Anyway, I'll be on the east coast next week, in Connecticut with a side trip to Ithaca, New York.  I think  may have some time to drop by a school and peek around, but I'm not too familiar with schools on the east coast.  So, if anyone out there has a suggestion, I'm happy to hear it!  Don't be shy!


  1. You are more than welcome to visit our preschool if you are in the Hartford area next week!

  2. Come to Richmond! I'll show you around Sabot School- if you can make it this far South (-:

  3. Come to Australia and visit us ;)

  4. hi allie,

    i'm another ali, who stumbled across your page a few months ago...and i'm so renewed in energy/ideas by reading your posts! i'm a kindergarten teacher in the boston area and have traveled to reggio emilia for a study group, studied all about the approach, am completely in love with the approach...but am having trouble integrating it into a public school curriculum. anyway, i'd love hear how you've gotten to where you are...teaching-wise...
    and also, just wanted to say that you keep me inspired! thanks!

    ali evans

  5. I wish you were on the West Coast - I would so love to take you to some preschools here and then have coffee and a nice long chat. Enjoy your break.
    p.s. the link to my blog has changed

  6. Well, just like in Seattle last week, it doesn't look like there is time for visits this week either. The family and friend time is limited as it is! I think I was trying to overextend myself. Perhaps I'll save up money for a worldwide preschool tour :)


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