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01 April 2010

Drawing on Mirrors

I don't know why this didn't occur to me before.  I like having the children do activities that are temporary rather than permanent sometimes, and this is similar to work on a chalkboard.

I'm off to the states this weekend for spring break, so my posts will be sporadic, if there even are any!  Happy April to everyone.


  1. Brilliant! I'll be on the search for some small mirrors!

  2. are you using oil pastels, here?

  3. There are these crayons called "Wax-O-Glass" - you can definitely get them on Amazon. You can draw on mirrors and windows with them, and they wipe off with some water and a sponge, and then you dry it and draw all over again. Totally cool!

  4. Amanda15.4.10

    Using low odor dry erase markers would be a great option too. Probably not quite as vibrant colors though


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