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09 April 2009

Outdoor Classroom Links and Inspiration

I have gathered some inspiration for outdoor learning spaces. I just can't stop thinking about the possibilities for ours! Some of my favorite photos cannot be posted here, but you should go visit Imagine School Design for some really lovely photos and inspiration. I love the Auroville Kindergarten in India, especially the gymnasium type room with no walls.

The Pen Green Centre has a sand area that is much more beachy than boxy; and

The Covolo di Pederobba Nursery in Italy has an indoor/outdoor courtyard that would be ideal for meeting and conversing and trying out ideas.

We may not be able to hire architects, but at least we can look and think, and then rearrange a few things in our own spaces and look at the environment in a new light.

As of tomorrow at 3 pm, I am officially on my two week spring break! I'll still be writing and sharing, but a little less frequently due to visitors. But I'll have a special announcement about a giveaway at the beginning of May!

Happy weekend!
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