Google+ bakers and astronauts: Slides and Negatives

07 April 2009

Slides and Negatives

I am losing my light table mojo, I think. I have a big light table in my classroom that thrilled me at the beginning of the year, but some days I just feel like hauling it out.

My last good moment of light table inspiration came when I brought in some slides and negatives to put on the light table with magnifying glasses. For the first time in weeks everyone visited the light table to look and explore. The slides were the most fascinating because it is a positive image. The children were looking closely and noticing details like flowers, dogs, houses, and "Allie!" The negatives were harder to recognize shapes and objects in. But it was a hit for a whole week!

I think I would like to take photos of the children using slide film and use that on the light table -- that would be an exciting hunt for them.
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