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28 March 2009

Turtlewings Atelier

Up high on my list of recent inspirations is my visit to the Turtlewings Atelier here in Brussels. They had an open house for their grand opening, and I took a few photos of some children at work in the downstairs space.

They have a perfect setup for their overhead projector; the children can interact with the shadows and light, walking right through it and observing it from the opposite side of the screen. I got to watch as the boy built with pattern blocks, and the girls walked back and forth through the sheet, chanting, "Looks like the sun, looks like the sun..."

In the future, this space will be for their recycled materials library. Upstairs is a large table for their workshops, as well as a small selection of books for sale.

I'm hoping to bring my class to the atelier this spring for a workshop. But for now, I'm sifting through posts about past projects on the Turtlewings blog and going through a pretty inspiring link list.
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