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26 March 2009

In Your Hands and On The Wall

I introduced the overhead projector yesterday. I've seen so many photographs, many from Reggio Emilia, of children using materials on the projector's surface. The children worked in groups of three for ten minutes as an introduction.

I was lucky enough to be able to observe all of the groups without interfering and without anyone needing my assistance. Most children laid tiles randomly on the surface for a few minutes and then began constructing objects out of the blocks, like houses and flowers. Some were really interested in the way their hands looked as shadows on the wall, and how the colors looked on their own bodies while standing in front of the light. Others were not interested at all, which is obviously to be expected.

I'm picking up my film after school today -- it includes photographs from a visit to the new Turtlewings Atelier. My husband, my brother and I attended their Grand Opening last weekend. They have a beautiful setup for their projector -- onto a white sheet in the middle of a wide open room so that the children can experience it from both sides. I have mentioned them before - -I was part of a casual meeting in November. They found a beautiful space! If you are in Brussels, you should visit them here. I'll share those pictures with you tomorrow.

Happy weekend!
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