Google+ bakers and astronauts: Castles

30 March 2009


On the day we worked in small groups with the overhead projector, another station was block building. It is a very boy dominated area in our classroom, so I thought we should get some girls in, and have the children work cooperatively with some new people.

Out of the six groups, four built castles.

As each new group entered, I said, "Before you build, talk together about what you will make as a group." For the groups that built a castle, it was the first idea shouted out by a child. Two of the groups built their castle in just a few minutes and then began playing with it, using small cylinders as people. The castles had slides and pools and stairs and rooms - they were well planned. I had not heard so many "I have an idea!!" moments in such a short span of time in a while.

And I'm also noticing the pictures now. In our journals, at the writing table...

"It has so many rooms!" - Je

And, as to be expected, we're writing about castles. Tales of princes and princesses who marry each other and move into a castle are the subject of at least one book written in the classroom each day.

The girls are interested...the boys are interested...
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