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22 May 2013

Making Mobiles

I came across this mobile, inspired by Moonrise Kingdom, by LA-based artist Kim Baise.  I love the simplicity of it, and how inspired it is.  It got me looking for some more mobile-making inspiration.

Above, an origami mobile from Tiny Happy

Some guidance for creating balance without symmetry in mobiles, from Perpetual Mobiles.

Artist Marco Mahler shares his advice for making mobiles, exploring the intricacies of balance.

Artists Carl and Evelina Kleiner create food-based kinetic sculptures inspired by artist Alexander Calder.  I'm especially fond of the eggs!

In Context

Mobiles, or Kinetic Sculptures, embed so many different elements into one creative, open-ended project:  math, science, imagination, and more.  The first mobile in this post has a "topic", and I can't help but think about how children might be able to make mobiles based on a story, or any topic for that matter, showing how different elements are related through how the mobile is organized.  I have been working in elementary schools lately, and children are often encouraged to use visual organizers to organize their thinking and ideas.  The idea of balance in a mobile is a lovely example of visually organized information!

Have you made mobiles with children?  How did you introduce it?  What inspired you?

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