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25 February 2013


This is a beautiful thing to find in the storage space of your new apartment:  a handmade trunk, covered in an interestingly patterned fabric.

I was happy enough to find it because we need a new ottoman, and buying a new one just isn't very interesting to me.  But the fun did not end at interesting fabric and a place to rest my feet...

It is filled with handmade blocks.  There are a few lincoln logs (the old wooden ones!) and some dowels, but this is basically a mix of squared off pieces of wood.  

I've long thought that I want a big bowl of legos on my coffee table - If I can ever snag some used ones, it will still happen.  But now, when I, or anyone in the house for that matter, is looking to play, we'll just open up the magic trunk!

I have a feeling you'll be seeing these far too much in this space!  Its playtime!

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