Google+ bakers and astronauts: Not-A-Box

09 January 2012


These are some images from the end of last week - I put two large cardboard boxes in the classroom, and there was action around them for 90 minutes.  Some children came and went, but others stayed with the boxes for extended periods.  The play was about jail, mommies, babies, tigers, cats, amusement parks, and much more that I probably did not catch.

Today, at the start of the week, small groups were using the box as a location for playing with materials from the classroom - for example, two children spent about 35 minutes building with Magna-Tiles in the box.

Tomorrow, I am moving the box to where more of the dramatic play items are, and I'm interested to see if there is a shift in how children use it, and what for.  I have been watching carefully and I have loved to hear the children talk about their plans and see how the box transforms throughout the day, depending on moods and keywords overheard and growling prompts.  Totally fascinating!

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