Google+ bakers and astronauts: Images from Boulder Journey School

29 December 2011

Images from Boulder Journey School

I have been looking at some beautiful images from the Boulder Journey School in Boulder, Colorado, as I've been thinking about the changes in our classroom environment, and I thought I might share a few here.

Our new space is very large, and balancing that is a bit tricky.  We need to create different "parts" of the room, and I'd like to do that without necessarily having labeled areas that restrict how the children want to work and play.

I mentioned the alcove in my earlier post today, and this image makes me think about how different elements of light could work together, perhaps with the addition of a sensory element, like shallow trays on a table

Hanging items from the ceiling!  Need I say more?

It is easy to look at photos and imagine different things in our new classroom environment, but it is important to remember the needs of the environment you are in.  I have to remember to envision the children in the space.

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