Google+ bakers and astronauts: round and round and round...which one?

06 October 2011

round and round and round...which one?

This is another moment from Wednesday that made me stop and look.  The children were tracing cups onto a big sheet of paper, but F used the cups in his own way.  He engaged the other children at the table with this game for 10 minutes.  At the start, he had two cups, and he kept track of the red lego and would not life the cup if the guesser guessed correctly.  When the third cup was added, children guessed until the lego was found and then they all celebrated...then put the lego under a cup and did it over and over again.

I can't plan this.  I can provide open-ended materials, and I can make suggestions, but I honestly believe that I cannot predict what will be most meaningful.  I can think about helping to expand ideas; I can document and help children revisit their work and support them with time, materials, and other resources they might need.  It is more work than choosing a theme for the children and planning activities on that theme, but the results are rewarding for everyone involved!
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