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30 September 2011

Weekend Links

Here are some things that caught my eye this week.

Sam Wang and Sandra Aamodt wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times about redshirting.  And they propose the right question in their opposition to the practice : "What approach gives children the greatest opportunity to learn?"

Another TED Talk, of course, on Studio Schools.  I couldn't stop thinking about early childhood during this talk, and it was very relevant.

["Work and learning are work by learning and you learn by working."]

I read this paper a few weeks ago because I came across it and it is very relevant to my work setting.  Its a quick read and its an interesting one, asking of there is a place for commercial materials in schools, and if they should be considered "child interests" in an emergent curriculum.  Read it here.

I miss Brussels a bit, and I was looking at the Turtlewings website again yesterday.  So many wonderful ideas for a wide age range.

A good story:

Happy Weekend!

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