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30 September 2010

The tower continues

The interest in this building continues, but I have not seen it as often.  We ended last week with a projection of the building in the classroom, but it did not quite have the expected effect.

At the end of the day, the error was clear.  This needed to be with the blocks, not somewhere else.  And the concept of abandoning areas was still in my mind, so the room was changed and now the whole rug is open...for construction, for whatever.  We're letting go!

So, on Monday, the projection was closer to where the blocks were.  And a lot of time was spent running into the projection.  Maybe this had something to do with the destruction aspect?  I'm not sure.  Three children built this construction in front of the projection, lining the vertical lines up with the lines on the projection.  But then it seemed over.

So today, we talked about what they wanted to do next.  I showed them the top photograph, which was a construction made yesterday and left overnight.  I asked, what should we do next?  What else do you want to do with this building?

M: Make a whole town, with houses and apartments.  A whole world!

I asked about things that are not blocks.  Would they like to think about this building with new things?

J: Paper!  We can cut it.

S:  With pictures of people!(laughing, pointing to a graph we made with our faces earlier in the day)  No, with books!

M: With cups.  We turn them over and make a tall tall building.

So, there we are.  I told them I would get some materials that they mentioned and bring them in.  I think we will do some more work in small groups with some of these new materials.  I am looking forward to see them take these ideas to the visual realm.  As always, who knows what will come next?  We can only hope we are prepared!  And I would like to ask some small groups about a name for the tower.  It is referred to as  "M's building" or "M's tower".  Will that stick?  Will they agree on something else?  Is that even important?

And just a side note, this is why we have the best job on the planet. 

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