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05 August 2010

I was in my classroom this week with the intention of figuring out a layout for the room.  I spent most of the time standing in the middle of the space, drinking tea and staring.  Anyone who saw me doing that probably thought I wasn't being productive.  But I most certainly was.  Details on that will come later.

But I found some treasures while I was dragging furniture and emptying boxes, and I'm sharing them here.  Evidence of what we do in the classroom together, and what the children create.  I can't wait to get back.

I'll be taking a real, true, honest break until I return to the classroom so I can get off the grid and enjoy my last week of vacation.  I'll be back in a few weeks.


  1. thinking is most definitely productive! at least in the long term. ;^)

  2. I know exactly what you are talking about. I too will be doing a lot of standing this week. lol

    Enjoy your break.

  3. Anonymous16.8.10

    love your blog- is there a way to contact you? didn't see an email-

  4. Planning for the room layout always did seem to mean taking the time to stand and to think and to visualize before moving things around...that's part of the fun, though, isn't it?

    Wanted to invite you to please join the new weekly link up I am going to host on my blog called Reggio Emilia Wednesdays. Would love it if you would share some of your lovely posts. I follow your blog and hope that you will want to pop over to see the new Reggio Emilia Wednesday idea and to hopefully add a link.

    Have a nice week,


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