Google+ bakers and astronauts: embroidery

10 June 2010


I enjoy sewing and embroidering in my free time, and I've found that the children love it, too.  I had everything to get started at home, but maybe you don't, so I thought I would share a little link to encourage other teachers/parents/people to try it out.

I only offered sewing as a choice a few times this year, and I hope that, in the future, I offer it more.  The first few times that children sew, they really explore it: touching the needle, making long long lines of thread, and using as many colors as they can.  I really enjoy letting kids explore a new material, but I'm less of an expert at helping them to become experts.  Some children might really like to use this tool to express their understanding or create something that they treasure.  I always think back to how children in Reggio use clay as a language, and it blows me away.  But that clay work starts as free exploration, and when children become experts at using the tool as a language, they are able to use that tool to communicate.  Perhaps that is possible with sewing.

Maybe the tips on this blog, maya*made, will be helpful for those just starting out sewing.  I've pulled a few good tips from it, too.  And I'm trying to fashion some homemade embroidery hoops out of cardboard instead of buying more wooden ones...I'll try to share that later.
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