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11 May 2010

How You Celebrate

[For Mother's Day]

There was a discussion recently on the Reggio ListServ about celebrating Mother's Day and holidays like that.  Who does what?  Who avoids this day?  Why celebrate it?  Why not?

I'm interested in knowing about people's take on celebrating in the classroom.  We keep it pretty simple:  we invite families into share about celebrations in their cultures; we sing "Happy Birthday" at the end of the day on birthdays and invite the children to bring a treat to share with their friends; and we make a small gift for Mother's Day and Father's Day.  This year, the children drew a picture of themselves with their Mom and dictated a few words about what they like to do with their Mom, and why they love their Mom.

I'm interested in bringing in the element of the children all cooking together on birthdays.  It would be a nice way to respect the child's special day in a unique way, I think - the child can choose what we cook, and we can all work on it together and sit down to share the food as a celebration.

There are different opinions on this topic, and I'm interested in hearing them.
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