Google+ bakers and astronauts: Atelier Ringo + Little Circus

08 March 2010

Atelier Ringo + Little Circus

I am always happy when I find out about interesting things happening right here where I live.  Because of the language barrier, I am not always inclined to get out there and meet teachers at other schools, or go to events.  But I do like Little Circus, an online shop based here in Brussels. 

This is the second time they have joined up with Ringo Atelier, an online space with inspiration for children's artistic endeavors.  Ringo is a really nice place - the internet is filled to the brim with coloring pages and closed-ended "art" projects for preschoolers.  The Ringo Atelier gives ideas and inspiration, from shapes and materials to artists for children to work in the style of.  I'm enjoying looking through the site.

Atelier Little Circus*Ringo wants children to submit their "monstrous shadows" between now and March 22nd. 


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