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09 March 2010

Ask An Atelierista

I have been looking at the flickr photos from Williamsburg Northside Preschool for some time now - they come through with photos from my contacts.  There is some really lovely work happening there, and I'm going to make this a two part post, because I sense a lot of images coming your way.

I came across an interview with Atelierista Kara Canal, whom I assume is responsible for the lovely atelier work at Williamsburg Northside. This is the kind of work I wish I saw in art studios - children taking available materials and just seeing what happens.  Why are children being restricted with work that is about the product, rather than the process?


There is sketchbook work happening here, too, and i'm inspired to vary the materials the children are using in their sketchbooks in the morning.  This is how many working artists organize their minds and ideas, so why not children?

Tomorrow...more images from the Williamsburg Northside Atelier.

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