Google+ bakers and astronauts: Oops.

27 November 2009


It seems that I haven't been in this space for quite sometime. It seems like sometimes you can't quite catch up with yourself - and that has been this week for sure. Teaching, paperwork, presentations, mashed potatoes and apple pie for 12 people, French class, and sleeping (when possible) all came before writing this week.

And although I am here now, writing, it's because I'm telling you to go poke around another website with lovely archives while I'm getting my potato filled life back in order.

The CMA Blog is place for frequent updates from the Children's Museum of the Arts in Manhattan. I still feel so grateful that I did some of my student teaching there. I spent a semester planning and observing in the caregiver and child drop-in programs in the morning. I still vividly remember the giant collage table, and when I arrived with my coffee in the morning, we would be ripping pages out of some of the hundreds of wonderful magazines and donated books and other materials that were available for the children. It is a wonderful space to create in!

I'll be spending some time on their blog for sure, and dropping in next time I'm on the east coast. And if you're in the New York area, make it a point to do something there the next time you're in Manhattan.
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