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30 April 2009

The beginning of the end

Returning from spring break has made me realize that the end of the school year is fast approaching. We have eight more weeks of class here before the summer holiday begins, and I feel like there is so much more I wanted to do with the children before the year ends.

We have completed one real project this year, I feel. The forest project engaged all of the students and lasted for about two months. There are some small things going on right now, but we are not "studying" one thing in particular.

Project-based learning is not frowned upon here, but it is not necessarily encouraged. I am lucky that I have the flexibility teach our curriculum through projects. We have broad "units of inquiry" that we do during the year, in no particular order, and so I can let the children lead me in my planning and link their interests to the "unit". I'm grateful to not have a set curriculum.

After a meeting with the other PreK teacher today, we are going to pick a unit and then see where the children take it from there. The unit is "changes" -- thankfully it leaves the door wide open for the children to take charge. And I always love seeing how the same thing can look so different after being presented to two different groups. I'm looking forward to tracking and journaling what happens in this space.

I have to remember that things pop up when you least expect them. I forget that and I look and look and look for answers, when I really have to encourage the children and wait. I'll call it proactive waiting.
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