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08 March 2009

Natural Playthings

A few weeks ago I was looking at the new issue of small magazine and the lovely photos of Judith Needham's willow houses as play spaces for children. They are really beautiful, and they leave so much to the imagination!

I was taken by what she said when the interviewer asked her about children enjoying things that are not Disney or pink plastic. She said that in her experience, "...children are just as happy with toys and play spaces with natural materials and muted colors."

Of course!

She also suggests buying second hand because you are able to change the toys more frequently. I could not agree more! I find the most beautiful things for the classroom at Les Petits Riens here in Brussels. In the states I don't think I went a month without a healthy visit to the Goodwill on NW 65th and 8th Ave NW in Seattle. I am a sucker for baskets and jars.

But the most wonderful idea she has here, I think, is to change the way you think about toy "ownership" -- find other like-minded families and together create a library of wooden, handmade, and natural toys. Brilliant!

Check out the interview here.

*wooden blocks from little alouette via etsy
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