Google+ bakers and astronauts: Documentation and Parents

10 March 2009

Documentation and Parents

It is time for parent-teacher conferences this week. I'm working hard to put together some documentation about our current sewing project -- the kids have wonderful ideas and are all working hard to make something to bring home and keep. That seems to be the theme when I ask the kids about their projects at least!

I hope that the parents take the time to look at the photos and words that I'm presenting. Most bulletin boards are one art project that every child in the class has done with each piece clearly labelled with the artist's name. Is it that important to label with names? Does everyone have to do it? I think that is something that is done for parents. In my opinion, the children bring home artwork everyday, so each parent knows their child is producing artwork, and what it looks like. Documentation (or bulletin boards) are about our classroom community and what is happening. I think it is a true releflection of what is going on, rather than twenty coffee filter butterflies.

But are the parents looking at it? I'll share this round of documentation with you later this week, and I may have an answer to that question as well!
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