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24 February 2009

Rock Island Line

I was thinking about my aversion for recorded children's music yesterday. I do not think it is harsh to say I can't stand The Wiggles, but when I look through my own collection of music, there is music intended for an audience of children.

So I thought I'd share another favorite from Smithsonian Folkways.

Lead Belly Sings For Children is a definite classic, and a genre that children might not be exposed to often these days. And with 28 tracks, everyone is bound to have a favorite! Throughout history, countless artists have been inspired by the classic folk and blues played by Lead Belly.

And my favorite : Rock Island Line.

Oh that Rock Island Line is a mighty good road,
Oh that Rock Island Line is that road to ride,
Oh that Rock Island Line is a mighty good road,
If you want to ride, you got to ride it like you find it,
Get your ticket at the station on the Rock Island Line.

Lead Belly - Rock Island Line


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