Google+ bakers and astronauts: We're nuts

16 December 2008

We're nuts

I am taking a moment off from projects and curriculum and the like to mention something that has been incredibly prevalent in my life as a teacher: the nut-free school. I am in my fifth year of teaching, and every school has been nut-free. It is not hard to adapt, and I am not fighting for the right to have nuts in our cooking activities. But there has to be something unhealthy about a generation of children who are not exposed to peanuts and tree nuts. It is akin to parents not letting their children play outside in the cold or jump in a puddle or eat a handful of dirt.

There are children who have extreme reactions to nuts, and those children should be able to have a classroom environment where there are no nuts and the precautions are taken. But I sit here on a 40 acre nut-free campus. Are we being a little extreme?

This rant was inspired by this article in the New York Times.
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