Google+ bakers and astronauts: Auto-Documentation!

22 October 2013


I uploaded some photos to Google+ the other day, per usual, and then Google let me know they had made an "auto awesome" gif for me.  And oh, is it awesome!

M (who is on the rope swing) and some others had created a 'video game', swinging over bowls of water and sand o the ground.  One bowl was added for each 'level' of the game, and players swung over until they bumped a bowl.

Not only is this stop motion animation-like image fun to look at, it seems like an intriguing way to document children's work.  There is something more magical about this than a video, which I have dozens of already, only 4 weeks into the preschool year.  I am looking forward to presenting this back to M, and perhaps some of the others who were involved in the creation of this game.

Stop motion is something that we explored this past summer in the connected learning MOOC, and I have had JellyCam on my computer since one of the moderators suggested it as a good free tool.  I have not thought of a natural way to introduce that medium, but using the images above to start a dialogue certainly can't hurt!
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