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14 June 2013

Weekend Links : On Teaching

Bertrand Russell's 10 Commandments of Teaching, from Brainpickings

I recently got engrossed in a piece on artful thinking from Unboxed, a new to me journal about adult thinking in schools.  I'm looking forward to spending some time reading some of the pieces in the current journal on design thinking, and then poring over some back issues as well!

Finally, I'm joining in the Making Learning Connected MOOC, and you can, too!  In their own words: 

"Making Learning Connected (#clmooc) is a collaborative, knowledge-building and sharing experience open to anyone who’s interested in making, creativity and learning. As we design and then engage in “makes” that tap into our personal (and professional) interests, share what we’ve done with the Making Learning Connected community, learn from each other’s experiences, and reflect on our own growth, we’ll be agents in the recursive creation and re-creation of this experience known as a Massively Open Online Collaboration (MOOC). Throughout the MOOC, we’ll engage with and employ Connected Learning principles as they relate to making and learning."

Read more about it on their blog, sign up on the right side of that page, and then join the Google+ Community!  Six weeks of fun and making!

Some teachers might have the summer off, but I'm realizing that it just means we can get that much deeper into finding out more about teaching and learning.

Happy Weekend!

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