Google+ bakers and astronauts: Kids DIY

18 March 2013

Kids DIY

Maybe I spend too much time exploring early childhood, and I don't pay enough attention to the amazing and creative things that are happening with older children.  I was recently steered towards diy, which can best be explained as a social site for kids to engage with other kids over creative projects.

There are challenges with different materials, and kids can make profiles, upload their creations, and comment on each other's videos and images.

Kids are encouraged to try new things by earning badges in different areas - from taking on a challenge like making a "how-to video" to trying out a number of projects with new materials.  

"snow goggles"

And the DIY motto?  "Build, Make, Hack, Grow".  Totally cool.

Explore diy, and pass it on to a kid!

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