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10 January 2013

New Years Rulin's

I came across this somehow - Woody Guthrie's 1943 New Years Resolutions.  I haven't really been one for New Years Resolutions - I feel like any time is fine to make a change.  But this sketch reminded me that we don't need to make grandiose plans - we can make small ones, and thats okay.

I want to write here, and sometimes in 2013 that will be once a month, and sometimes that will be 3 times a week...who knows?

I want to connect with more early childhood educators, be it through commenting or email or Google+ Hangouts or even (gasp!) face to face conversations.  I feel a certain side business and my day job pulling me from thinking about ECE everyday, and that is not my thing.

I want to get back into a job with the under fives set.  The coolest set.

I wish you all the best this year, or any day or year for that matter.  Thanks for reading!

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