Google+ bakers and astronauts: Thank you and Welcome!

09 November 2012

Thank you and Welcome!

Hello to anyone who came to the presentation yesterday at the NAEYC Annual Conference - I'm excited to welcome you to this space!

There may have been some unanswered questions after the presentation, so please leave questions and/or contact information here in the comments, and I'm happy to work with you.  You can subscribe to posts by email using the box on the top left of this page, below the banner.

I'll be adding more content in the coming weeks on the topic of classroom blogging, including some resources that I did not cover in the presentation!

There were also many more of you present than I expected (thanks!), so I am also including a link below to the resources document that I had available at the end of the presentation.

Thanks again for your support and enthusiasm and questions!  I hope you'll all interact here, too!

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