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21 September 2012

Weekend Links : Things to do!

If you're in Minneapolis, maybe you want to see some art teacher art!  This seems like a lovely opportunity for students and families to gain a deeper understanding of these educators, and for these educators to share how diverse and exciting art is.

Maybe you're in New York - you can head over to MoMa to see the Artist's Alphabets exhibit.

You can start planning a project for the Cardboard Challenge - there will be events taking place all over the world, or you can organize and host your own!  Check out the map to see where its all happening.

And because I currently live and breathe school gardens and seed to table education, check out Farm to School Month in October!  So many people think that food education and fresh, local food in schools is important, but there are far from enough vocal advocates.  Find out how you can help in your community!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Anonymous21.9.12

    I love seeing what has happened with Caine and Nirvan. Thank you for spreading the joy!


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