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17 August 2012

Weekend Links

This image comes from the Teaching for Artistic Behavior facebook page, and as a big fan of sewing with children, I enjoyed the metaphor of "drawing with a needle".  They shared:

To help students with embroidery, the main idea is “If you can draw it, you can stitch it!”  Visuals reinforce steps for threading a needle and tying a knot. A simple sketch on scrap paper is duplicated with chalk on dark colored burlap. The running stitch and backstitch are briefly demonstrated. Resources are posted in the fiber arts center where the teacher remains on the first day. 

You can learn more about Teaching for Artistic Behavior on their website, and by joining their Yahoo! Group.

The idea of choice based education has been popping up EVERYWHERE for me lately, and I'm interested in knowing more.  Do you have any good resources?

On an unrelated note, these panoramas of the Mars Rover pictures would be an amazing thing to share with children!  The conversations, questions, ponderings, stories, and art that could come from this could be so fantastic!

Finally, I came across The Makery (via the MAKE magazine blog), and this seems like yet another fantastic opportunity for people in the NYC area!  They are hosting workshops in Brooklyn until August 27th - take a look and support and interesting project!

As a reminder, keep on reading Imagine...we'll be looking at Chapter 5 starting on Monday.  And its not too late to join in the conversation about Chapter 1, Chapters 2 and 3, or Chapter 4!

Happy Weekend!

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