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04 July 2012

Tippy Tap

I love this idea : the Tippy Tap.

Developed as a way to create a hand washing station using recycled materials, the Tippy Tap is an idea for preventing disease that is spread as a result of improper, or missing, hand washing.  Not only can disease be prevented for the person washing their hands, hand washing aslo helps prevent the spread of disease from produce that may have been harvested by someone who does not have access to soap and "running" water.

I thought about all of the outdoor classrooms and kitchens and gardens that I have been looking at lately : this is a simple, economical, and very kid friendly design.  A volunteer at our garden created a hand washing station for us that is fed by a rain barrel, and I feel like reused water could be a reality with this system as well.

What do you think?  Would you have kids, parents, or perhaps both help you in the creation of a station like this?  

You can see the simple directions for making a Tippy Tap right here.

(photo and info via farm hack)

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