Google+ bakers and astronauts: Summer Book Club

16 July 2012

Summer Book Club

On Friday, I mentioned that I was getting ready to read Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer, and when I proposed a little "virtual book club", there was some interest expressed here and on the facebook page, too.  So, let's do it!

I'll admit that I'm being a little selfish when I say that I have a few books I'm hoping to read before beginning to read Lehrer's book, but spreading the word is also motivation - we can make our group a bit larger and stimulate some exciting conversation and discussion.

I'm hoping that the group is made up of people with an interest in education, so that we are able to frame our discussion around teaching and learning with children.  I think this blog will serve us well as a discussion forum - I'll post prompts and we can discuss using comments.

Your job?  Get your hands on the book by August 1st, and we'll spend a few weeks reading.  The chapters are about 30 pages long, so I'll prompt new discussion every few days.

If you haven't said so yet, let me know if you are interested in participating!  It would be wonderful to have a good sized group for discussion, and I think this is a great way to prepare for a new school year.

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