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07 June 2012

book love.

I came across this book, Fanny at Chez Panisse, at the library the other day and I am in love.  Its like Maira Kalman meets Moosewood.

Now that there isn't a day that goes by where I don't cook with kids, this book jumped out at me, and I'm glad it did.  Alice Waters was a massive part of the Edible Schoolyard movement, which we are, in a way, trying to emulate up here in northwest Washington.  And we don't need to be making incredible fancy things with our electric skillet at our picnic table.  We need to be celebrating what the kids can take out of the ground, and offer them the best tasting things we can get our hands on when the garden doesn't have enough to sustain us.

A garden in the pacific northwest in May and June isn't exactly pumping out food.  Is a tricky thing to balance what to buy at a store and bring, and what to skip.  There are so many potential "purposes" of garden education.  I think what we're trying to do is emphasize seed-to-table, and sometime that means that we may plant tomatoes and then eat tomatoes I've bought from the store.  As much as I'd like to say that I don't buy tomatoes in the winter, I do.  Perhaps that will change someday, but I do not have a personal garden.  Its also important to remember that we are not trying to blow children's minds with where their food comes from.  We're trying to get them to enjoy things that they grow.

As you can probably tell, I'm settling into the job.  It is an amazing opportunity and I live in an amazing town, and I hope that I'll be sharing more again soon!

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