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06 March 2012

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

I'm not good at keeping secrets, especially really exciting ones.  I'm happy to share something happy with you - it will definitely be dictating the subject matter on this blog very soon.

It has been less than a year since we returned from Belgium, but we're already on the move again.  This time, we're heading back north to Washington: to Bellingham, north of Seattle and just a bit south of the Canadian border.

And I already have work waiting for me up there: I'll be working as a Seed-to-Table Education Coordinator for Common Threads Farm.  I'll have hands-on work with their school garden collective; I'll be working to coordinate volunteers and plan fundraising; and (most importantly), I'll be up to my elbows in mud, growing food with children and harvesting it and cooking and eating with children.

So, my apologies if I'm a bit absent from this space as I finish my thesis and we move yet again.  In the meantime, you can look over at my growing pinterest board on my new work subject.
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