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24 February 2012

Weekend Links

I am loving teeny tiles.  I can imagine using children's artwork to make these, and also using them throughout the classroom environment (pictures, alphabet, numbers, jobs, schedule...anything!).  They're not too big, not too small...just right.

I bought a new-to-me book, Fortunately by Remy Charlip, a few weeks ago at Village Books.  I loved it, and we had a great time reading it together in class.  The children kept revisiting it and reading it to themselves.  And when we read The Paper Bag Princess later in the week, we definitely knew what "unfortunately" meant.

I found two new blogs that I am really enjoying: Crayons, Wands, and Building Blocks (about a play-based Kindergarten in Ontario), and My Classroom Transformation, from a teacher experiencing work in a school that is Reggio-Inspired.

Happy Weekend!

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