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17 February 2012

Weekend Links

I came across this video via Takoma Park Nursery School, and it happens to be from their YouTube page.  I loved seeing it because right now, my entire life revolves around the fine line between fantasy and reality in imaginative play...and it is so universal for fours!

If you have any sort of budget available (and a large space for building something huge), you should look into getting a few of these building disks from public workshop - wouldn't they be a wonderful addition to a preschool classroom? Elementary?  Middle?  High School?  My garage?

Lastly, I have discipline on the brain (in a positive way!) and I enjoyed this post from the Community School of West Seattle's Studio Blog.  I'm not incredibly well versed in positive discipline, but I'm interested in learning more.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Always enjoy your weekend links Allie. Thanks.


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