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01 February 2012

Sculpting Again

On Tuesday, there was a simple prompt on the Maker's table: two lengths of fishing wire attached to the ceiling and then down to the table, taped into place.  I strung a length of pipe cleaners between the two fishing wires to send the message:  Let's put pipe cleaners on this!

The children were eager to work on the sculpture, and I'm sad that we don't have more pictures (or that we don't have quality pictures, I should say!).  I'm even more sad that we had to move it at the end of the day because of the multi-purpose nature of the space we're in, but the process was a pleasure to watch.

J kept revisiting the sculpture between other things he was working on: he would walk by and thread a pipe cleaner through this particular part of the sculpture, make some movements and pull it taught, like he has probably seen so many big people tie knots.

Some preferred to work with the pipe cleaners independently, creating shapes and structures and tucking them into their cubbies to take home.

I'll even share the temporary display from the end of the morning - this will force me to think about a better way to share this work with the children.  Perhaps we can try to make a sculpture that comes right out of one of the bulletin boards...and then we wouldn't have to move it.

I suppose I'm a little caught up with the idea of making the table the base for the sculpture because of some work we did that was inspired by a Turtlewings session in Brussels last year.  We had a table that was dedicated to the sculpture for at least a week and perhaps longer!  We'll need to think a bit more creatively here, but because of the engagement of the children, I know its worth pursuing.  

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