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29 February 2012

Music and Games

There is something about old books that gets me, and I can't resist taking them home when they only cost 50 cents.

This book, Experiences in Music, came home with me from a thrift store in a very small town in the middle of Washington.  I feel that the preschool teaching repertoire can be a little stunted sometimes: we return to the same songs over and over again.  The classics are classic for good reason, of course.  But shaking things up, at a kid appropriate level, is important.  This book reminded me of a few songs that I had not sung with the children in a while (Frere Jacques, for example) and gave me some quick lessons in the development of singing in harmony.  That is not something we have (nor will likely) attempt, but the information is interesting nonetheless.

I came across a website months ago called Playtimes: A Century of Children's Games and Rhymes, and one song jumped out at me as one that the children might really enjoy called There Was A Lovely Princess.  

Digging a bit deeper, the motions to this playground game seem universal.  It is a circle or ring game, and the motions that the children use in the video are the same as the ones described here.  I can envision singing this song with the children, maybe using some picture cues to help us remember the words, and perhaps exploring the motions with a few children.  I have never been one for choreography with children, but this is more of a game than a performance.

I definitely recommend looking through the Playtimes website, and picking up cheap books whenever you can - you never know what discoveries might ensue.

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