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08 February 2012

map embellishments

Pipe cleaners allowed us to add three dimensional aspects to the treasure maps we started yesterday.  By the end of the morning, the maps had bridges, tunnels, slides, giants, and "the Coast Guard thing".

J explained the work he was doing:

Where will maps take us next?  What other materials will we add?  How can we use these maps?


  1. Dear Allie

    I really enjoyed reading about your overhead projector encounter. It is only since I have been working in a Reggio inspired setting that I have become aware of the amazing potential of a piece of equipment that could easily be labeled old fashioned and outdated. For example, the traditional use of an overhead projector in schools is to project text for children to read. However we observe the creative ways the children use projectors when they make materials placed on the surface into precious things and create beautiful visions when they project giant images of various objects and materials onto a far surface. We have also seen projections of changing backdrops for narrating stories for the children to actually place themselves in. Light projectors can also become sources of investigation and discovery when we compare the mirror image of an object with its position on the projector, to how it is projected as an image of an object and how things grow or shrinks depending on their distance form the light source.
    I have come to realise that light is a phenomenon which offers many possibilities for the children to express themselves and for exploration of ideas and possibilities.

    Thank you

  2. Thanks, Clair. Its interesting how you say the children have been using the overhead projector as a backdrop for stories! We have been reading and rereading Anansi the Spider, and using the overhead projector for some extra context could be really neat. I have never thought about the possibility of providing objects that promote storytelling with the overhead projector either. That could be wonderful!

    Thanks so much for your thoughts on the projector.


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