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13 January 2012

Weekend Links

Industrial and Toy Designer Cas Holman has created this incredible kit of movable parts for High Line Children's Workyard (a public park on the unused elevated train tracks on the west side of Manhattan).

The website says patent pending, so hopefully this can become a reality in more places than just this park - I can see these being an asset for many outdoor classrooms.  (via playscapes)

I love this flickr stream of photos taken by a fifteen month old.  I have yet to break out the cameras in my current setting because we don't have the means to print proof sheets or reflect on the pictures except right in the camera, but that shouldn't deter me, right?  Because photos like this are totally priceless:

Process not product, right?  Its all about learning how to use the medium - and we learn a lot about what interests children at the same time.

For something a bit more "serious", we are talking about Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in my coursework right now, and I'm pretty fascinated.  Its all about looking ahead, seeing things from different perspectives and planning for success while understanding that every person has their own needs and learning style.  There is  a wealth of information on the website of the National Center on Universal Design for Learning.  I'm just getting to know the ideas surrounding the theory of UDL, but I'm interested to keep learning more about it.  Do you have any experience with UDL?

Happy Weekend!

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