Google+ bakers and astronauts: Boxes and Ladders

05 January 2012

Boxes and Ladders

We have a large gym space at the center where I work, and the children play there for about an hour each morning.  There are mats, bikes, slides, a balance beam, basketballs, cones, trampolines, and more - but yesterday, the main attraction was enormous cardboard boxes that were in the corner.

The images above are just a few from a 30 minute period during which two children, Ja and Jo, continually challenged themselves to get in and out of the boxes using the ladder on the wall.  The climbed up alongside the box, moved over to be above the box opening, an then dropped themselves in.  Ja was exploring this independently at first, and it took him almost 5 minutes to get out of the box the first time.  I talked to him as he tried, giving him ideas about where to put his hands, but never physically assisting.  Jo saw him and hopped in the same box herself, and Ja modeled how to get out.  Each time they both found themselves on the outside, they clapped and cheered at their success!

I wonder what possibilities these boxes might offer in our classroom?
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