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02 December 2011

Weekend Links

I need to think of a reason to use this temporary tattoo printer paper.  Drawing self portraits and making them into tattoos?   Making each child's favorite sketchbook picture into a tattoo?  I see no reason not to make temporary tattoos out of everything.

On the topic of temporary tattoos, Tattly is a source for interesting temporary tattoos.  Kids love temporary tattoos (sorry for the generalization) and I'd love to see more interesting ones.  Like watches, and rainbows on skateboards!

I saw some images of the Children's Library Discovery Center in Queens, and it looks really interesting - like a hybrid of a museum and a library.  

That is definitely my style - and I'd love to see it in person.  I'll be making a subway transfer near there in a few short weeks after landing at JFK...maybe I can convince my husband to take a detour to go to a children's library?  I'll start working on that now.

And I have to share the saddest thing I have seen in an educational catalog.  I am not a fan of education catalogs - I linger over the watercolor paints and the drawing pens and the small mirrors for self-portraits and the air dry clay and the giant bags of sand for discount prices, but then you see things like this:  the "no-mess indoor sandbox".

I will not release the source of that information because it makes me sad.  It is a product for adults who don't like sand messes.  The child has to touch the items with gloves on.  I think I've said enough - I probably could have let that photo speak for itself.

Happy weekend!  May it be filled with messes and sand on the floor!

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