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27 July 2011

As this semester winds down to a close, I am looking forward to getting back to writing more.  I have been so sporadic about writing this semester that I hope I am able to get back into the swing of it!  Here are some topics that have been on my mind that I plan to visit in the near future:

language and literacy: books, talking, music, writing, reading aloud...

the different ways that storytelling looks

using natural and recycled materials in meaningful and purposeful ways

how do schools find the money that they need?

how do you balance the commercialism and materialism with the curriculum?
(I have a journal article on this that I have been itching to read!)

How do schools find their identity, and balance that with inspiration from other schools and curricula?

where do community building activities come into play in the preschool classroom?

Also, if you are in Northwest Oregon, I'd love to hear from you!  I am hoping to visit classrooms and meet some more teachers (and early childhood education enthusiasts, no matter what your "job") and see some programs in the area.
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