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11 June 2011

More stories

I love this story because it is about the whole world of stories.  E adds these little pieces from stories she has heard, like the line "Every day, she did".  The picture is a big inspiration for the words, and she incorporates so many aspects of it into the story.  (Side note: scrap paper from the bin in the copy room is more inspirational to the kids than regular paper.)  In the end it doesn't matter if the events in her story are connected or not; it matters that she is a storyteller.  And that ending, "He crept into his house, and set off" - someone is hearing all kinds of stories.  I love it.

With just two weeks left in the school year, the stories are pouring out and it is unstoppable.  Someone cried on Thursday because I said we had to go home and all of the Moms were waiting and he couldn't read his story - and the children agreed that it was more important for M to read his story than for us to be on time.  Amazing.  And it was an excellent, dinosaur filled end to our Thursday.

I hope that this trend means more stories to share here - I'm finding that it is one of my absolute favorite parts of preschool.  Besides the spontaneous break dancing session that P showed us on Friday.  And I got all excited about the possibility of a dance project and exploring the different kinds of dance with our bodies, clay, painting, stories, music - whew!  That has to happen somewhere, someday.
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