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07 November 2010

Look Over There

I have not been too good about posting here this school year - I'm not sure why.  But with a new camera in hand and some exciting things happening in the classroom, I hope that will change this week.

I have been visiting some really wonderful blogs lately, so I'll share those today.  I'm on an atelier/studio kick, so that will be reflected in this list.

The Community School Studio Blog from Seattle, Washington

Art at the Center from Alexandria, Virginia

Atelierista from Richmond, Virginia

Public Workshop working all over.


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  1. Allie.
    Thanks so much for sharing my site/work. I love your site and the things you're looking at. Although we work with very different age groups, so much of what I do is firmly rooted in the age group with which you're currently working.

    Send me an email sometime, I'd love to hear more.



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