Google+ bakers and astronauts: Found Pieces and Storytelling

26 September 2010

Found Pieces and Storytelling

Wouldn't it be fantastic to find a place for all of the little extra things?  The stray puzzle piece, the lego that doesn't fit with the other ones, the nuts and bolts, the picture frames with no glass, what have you?

I'm thinking about a concept that Jules and I talked about when I offered her random pieces for her window display.  She told me to keep them - she always had a big jar of extra pieces that her boys dig into from time to time, and she uses pieces like that for a storytelling table at Turtlewings workshops.  What if we collected those empty pieces and put them in a place where they could be used?  What stories could come out of it?  What would the children design?  Who would use it and how?

I'm thinking of a nice long windowsill in the classroom that is basically asking for something like this.  I suppose this goes along with our abandoning of areas.  Little pieces on a windowsill that is just their height has potential, I think.
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